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Body care

arrival 27 May 2022
departure 28 May 2022

Heading for chill

Duration:40min. Already for:190PLN

A perfect soothing both after skiing and trekking. It’s our signature massage of the back fascia: starting with the neck, through the back, legs up to the feet. Allows you to regenerate your muscles and prepare them for new challenges to come. Additionally, the combination of oils applied makes your skin fresh and well-moisturised.

Flying high

Duration:50min. Already for:200PLN

This ritual takes you to heaven up high, chasing away sorrows and anxieties. Composed of a head-face-neck massage, crowned with a foot Thai-inspired massage. A true renaissance of body and soul.

META-morphosis – a cosmetic SOS for your skin

Duration:90min. Already for:290PLN

A rejuvenating ritual based on our signature combination of products, the main ingredient of which is wine. The scrub will remove dead skin cells and thereby, more antioxidation ingredients contained in the mask will penetrate into the skin. To crown the whole procedure, we shall give you a classic full body massage.

For lovers

Duration:70min. Already for:230PLN

A luxurious treatment created to meet all the needs and expectations of couples in love. For Ladies, this ritual offers smooth and well-moisturised skin, whereas for Gentleman, the power and strength within which shall now boost up to the sky. We have composed special fragrance notes – other for her, other for him, yet always in a perfect harmony to let your love bloom.

Price for one person

Red wine massage of the back

Duration:20min. Already for:100PLN

Red wine bath

Duration:30min. Already for:110PLN

Wine compress – moisturising body mask

Duration:30min. Already for:120PLN

Red wine full body massage

Duration:50min. Already for:200PLN

for every wine SPA treatment – wine bath - 40%

Duration:30min. Already for:66PLN


Duration:25min. Already for:90PLN

A cleansing body treatment based on Atlantic sea salt infused with natural oil compositions. This sea salt is rich in microelements, perfectly removes dead skin cells, toxins and metabolites as well as improves blood circulation. Makes your skin smooth, remineralises your body, boosts detoxification and metabolism. After the bath, you feel as if you just had a good swim in the sea.

JABŁKOWA ROZKOSZ - oczyszczający i wygładzający zabieg na ciało

Duration:60min. Already for:180PLN

The Bolus Alba clay has a cleansing a smoothing effect on the skin. The magnesium, silicic acid and aluminium silicate contained in the clay strenghten the natural protective barrier of skin and the enzymes (bromelain) make the skin look radiant and healthy. Apple is rich in fruit acids, which show excellent anti-wrinkle, illuminating, regenerating and first of all – peeling properties. Apples are also a good source of pectin, which helps to keep the right moisture content of skin. These substances soothe irritation, heal inflammation and moisturise your skin.


Duration:45min. Already for:190PLN

Alpejskie zioła zawierają lawendę, rumianek, nagietek i płatki róż. Działają łagodząco, harmonizująco i odświeżająco, dodają energii i witalności. Dzięki zastosowaniu glinki Bolus Alba uzyskujemy efekt oczyszczający i  wygładzający skórę. Zawarty w glince magnez, kwas krzemowy oraz  krzemian glinu wzmacniają naturalny system ochrony skóry a enzymy  (bromelina) przywracają skórze blask i zdrowy wygląd.

Red wine extract scrub

Duration:30min. Already for:90PLN
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