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Care for face, neck and neckline

arrival 01 Oct 2023
departure 02 Oct 2023

TIMELESS PRODIGY - luksusowy zabieg na twarz

Duration:90min. Already for:620PLN

A unique anti-ageing ritual comprised of 5 signature stages which introduces immaculate beauty, energetic balance and deep relaxation into your body and soul. A fruit of groundbreaking research and a promise of spectacular results. The active ingredients: champagne, white truffle, damask rose stem cells, 5 growth factors, kombucha, proteoglycans.

CORRECTIVE - przeciwzmarszczkowy zabieg na twarz - botox like

Duration:90 min. Already for:450PLN

The Botox-like treatment is an alternative to aesthetic medicine procedures. The richness of stimulating peptides as well as filling and deeply moisturising substances corrects the face oval in a trice, improves the elasticity of skin and makes wrinkles visibly shallower. A perfect ‘banquet’ treatment.

Main active ingredients: peptides, hyaluronic acid, pearl powder

SKEYNDOR MEN ANTI-AGE - przeciwzmarszczkowy dla mężczyzn

Duration:50 min. Already for:320PLN

An intensive anti-wrinkle treatment intended for men’s skin. Consists of: a scrub with diamond micro granules, active oxygen concentrate, vitamin C, thermal water and a homeostatic factor, a massage cream with essential oils, massage gel for the eye and lip area which smooths out wrinkles and a collagen amino acid mask.

ETERNAL - ujędrniający zabieg na twarz

Duration:50 min. Already for:350PLN

Intensive anti-ageing care inspired by the latest achievements of the genetic engineering. Stem cells from the Swiss apple tree called Utwiler Spatlauber, delivered with the help of liposomes, provide an instant regeneration of skin. Additionally, silicon, hyaluronic acid and peptides restore skin density, firmness and provide deep moisturisation.

The main active ingredients: stem cells, silicon, ceramides, hyaluronic acid.

Intended for every skin type, both for women and man, no age limits. Especially recommended for dehydrated skin, deprived of vitality and firmness.

AQUATHERM - nawilżająco kojący zabieg na twarz

Duration:50min. Already for:300PLN

Soothes and calms down your skin. Provides deep moisturisation, reduces redness and irritation, strengthens capillaries. Makes your skin more resistant to harmful external factors. Prevents premature ageing.

The main active ingredients: thermal water rich in magnesium ions, prebiotic sugars, ceramides.

Intended for every skin type, both for women and men, with no age limits.

POWER C+ - zabieg rozświetlający na twarz

Duration:50min. Already for:290PLN

The triple power of antioxidants dedicated to grey and tired skin deprived of energy. This immensely effective cocktail of active ingredients prevents dryness of skin, removes discolourations, improves skin elasticity, making it bright and vital instead.

The main active ingredients: stable form of vitamin C (25%), pomegranate and acai berry extract, aloe vera, cottonseed oil.

POWER HIALURONIC - zabieg nawilżający na twarz

Duration:50min. Already for:260PLN

Based on high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturise your skin and protect it from premature water loss caused by aggressive external factors.

The main active ingredients: high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, xylitol.

This treatment is perfect for every skin type, woman and man alike, no age limits.

POWER HIALURONIC - zabieg na okolicę oczu oraz rzęs

Duration:40min. Already for:200PLN

An advance treatment created as a holistic therapy of the eye area and eyelashes. This unique composition of active ingredients provides an effective, yet at the same time gentle moisturisation of these sensitive face areas.

Intended for the skin with visible ageing or fatigue symptoms as well as with weak or thin eyelashes.


Duration:40min. Already for:220PLN

Manual cleansing provides instant results. Your skin is clean and illuminated, with a healthy-looking colour. After having been manually cleansed, the skin can absorb all the active ingredients from the cosmetics applied much better. It is in fact slightly painful and requires a proper post-treatment care, because the procedure causes skin irritation, and the spots from which milia have been removed must heal.

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